Build with us

Make a lasting impact on the productivity of millions of people. Join us!

How we work

Output quality is king
When we do something, we do it right. We are both rigorous and creative and are here to do great work. Everybody in the company is a producer. We focus on output, not politics.
Trust the collective
We know we can’t achieve anything big alone. We fully trust our teammates to do great work and make our work greater by kicking our tires. We never know from whom the best idea is going to come.
Iterate, iterate, iterate
Nothing trumps frequency of iteration to get things right. There is no better way to de-risk a project than to frequently expose it to the collective, even in the early stages.
Every day is day one
We know that we don’t know the future, so we plan a few weeks at a time. This way, we do what we think, not what we thought. This means we can reprioritize very aggressively and avoid bureaucracy like the devil.

Why work with us

You like to build useful things that many people want, and you like to build collectively.
People who work here care deeply about the customers they serve and the products they build. By joining Talarian, they won't be another serial number on a payslip: they are Talarian.
We will push you outside your comfort zone and make you grow. It might hurt at times, and some people don’t like it at all. But those who stay benefit greatly.
We don’t recruit titles; we recruit people. If you’re talented, open-minded and willing, you can join us from any door, and we’ll do our best to find you the best possible place in the company that fits with who you are.

How we collaborate

Concrete speech
Communicating is not easy. The least one can do is make it easy for others to understand what they are saying. That means speaking in concrete terms: time, people, topics. No conceptual theory or abstract bullshit.
We do async and sync
Both forms of communication have their use cases. We write a lot. We do meetings when we have to, not more. We never let our calendars dictate the pace of a conversation.
We ❤️ email, real-time documents and spreadsheets
Of course, we’re biased, but they are our preferred means of written communication because they are the most universal. We also use Figma, Trello, Jira, Zendesk and Slack.
The more, the merrier
A chair needs at least 3 feet not to fall. A conversation is similar: one-on-one can be unstable. With three people, it is usually more balanced, nuanced and productive. Of course, we talk one-on-one when it makes sense.

We meet in amazing locations

Working remotely shouldn’t mean we never meet. As those occasions are rare, we try our best to make them special. Some pictures of our most recent offsite: in Taormina