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You already work in a Google Sheets & Docs. Don’t change that. We give you the tools you’re missing to work 100x faster. ChatGPT, mass email, connect to systems, generate documents. Do it all from Google Workspace with our add-ons.
Form Publisher

Generate templated documents from Google Forms or Sheets

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4,6 / 5  10M+ installs
Yet Another Mail Merge

Bulk send and track
personalized emails with Gmail
from Google Sheets

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4,8 / 5  10M+ installs
Awesome Table

Connectors: export data to Sheets
Apps: make a catalog from Sheets

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GPT for Work

ChatGPT in Google Sheets and Docs

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iconA great way to make data visible and understandable.
iconWe send all our outbound emails with YAMM and we've implemented it in a company that uses it for all partnership, business development, sales and internal emails. They can't imagine their life without it - us included!
iconGreat app for any enterprise, easy to relate the data from a google form questionnaire for use in a google document template and works really well at creating that "completed" form format emailed back to the user. An administrator's paperless dream comes true.
iconTruly excellent service. And very kind and much appreciated offer extended during these stressful days of the COVID crisis.
iconYAMM is easy to use and has greater success with delivering emails to inboxes instead of spam folders compared with other email services.

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